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TrekKing/Hiking at Nemmadi, Sakleshpur, Hassan
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Sakleshpur is a choice to many Hiking and Trekking enthusiasts

Nemmadi Betta
Nemmadi Betta is very close to homestay and could be your first choice for hiking. It is a place for many scenic spots. There is a long and Short trek to choose from on this Nemmadi Betta. Let us know your choice before you start hiking.

Nemmadi beta is also the home for many beautiful birds, try to spot Yellow hornbill, long tailed cuckoo, Red beak yellow bird to name a few. Mynah is a common bird in plenty. You may get to hear Peacock as you hike up the hill. Be calm and you may spot one. As you come down the hill and walk along the canal you may be in luck to spot a deer.

Elephant Watch

You will find  Elephant footsteps all along hill. Talk to us about wild Elephants and you will get to hear vivid stories about them.

If You are keen and brave enough to follow an elephant let us know and we will see if you can get lucky.

Trekking at Nemmadi Homestay, Sakleshpur, Hassan

The Green Route "Trek on the Railway Track", is a stretch of track from Sakleshpura to the Subramanya railroad station, which was closed down in 1996 to convert the gauge from meter to broad gauge. In the2007 the train service was commissioned and nowadays many people are use the train to reach Donigal and start the trek thereafter.

This track, that traverses some distance of the Western Ghats, had been abandoned, but now the track has been converted to broad-gauge. It forms a part of 56.80 km stretch from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subrahmanya, dotted by 58 tunnels, 109 bridges and about 25 waterfalls. Since 2005 goods trains are carrying freight to/from the Mangalore Port. Its recommended to trek after monsoon season i.e. during October. The passenger trains have started plying on the route since 2008. Currently, there are two passenger trains running on this route, one from Mysore via Hassan(daily), and another from Bangalore, via Tumkur and Arsikere(alternate days).

Another place to trek in Sakleshpura taluk is Bisle ghat or Bisle reserve forest.
The town itself makes for a pleasant halfway stop for travellers along National Highway 48—being the apex town in a long trail of road beginning in Bantwal near Mangalore, winding its way up the Western Ghats. As such, the town is often swathed in mist as the cool temperate surroundings are met with warm air from the coastal lowlands. The exit highway is equally picturesque with tall hedges lining both sides of the road, enclosing coffee groves within.

Kumara Parvatha,
Kumara Parvatha also called KP by trekkers is also a challenging hike.

The conditions are more like a tropical rainforest. We suggest you please gear yourself with hikking boots which has good traction and also camping wear which are apt for warmer environment is a must. For daytime wear, long pants and a long sleeved cotton shirt are recommended to prevent scratches and cuts from jungle foliage.So are a hat, good socks and sun glasses. Sneakers are fine during the dry months but in the monsoon season water proof boots are better, along with some light rain gear.

Light sweater or jacket , long pants and a long sleeved cotton shirt hat, good socks and sun glasses , along with some light rain gear

Camping wear
TENTS ofcourse and sleeping bag, : mat; a good back pack; first aid kit; basic toiletries and toilet paper; small knife; compass; maps and whistle; binoculars; canteen and plastic water container; flash light and extra batteries; candles; matches; basic cooking utensils; cups and dishes, spoons, can and bottle opener, and detergent in a plastic container.

Foot wear
for monsoon season water proof boots are better , Sneakers are fine during the dry months

Things to consider
Hiking may produce threats to personal safety. These threats can be dangerous circumstances while hiking and/or specific accidents or ailments. Please be advised that we do not give any medical advise and we strickly rule that all participants be prior approved to take the risk associated with this endevour. We request the participants to bring in their doctors certificate of approval.

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