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Smell Coffee and More at Nemmadi Homestay, Sakleshpur

Time for bonding will never be the same again.

You are invited to take a long walk along the coffee estate and make friends with the locals. There will never be dull moment. As you have a “get to know you” chat with the locals, You will be surprised by the local sense of humor.

This is bound to be a walk to remember for your and your family.

Bird Watching

Moon is out so are the wolves.

These are the party wolves we are talking about there. The party animals will never have a dull time. In Nemmadi bonfires are times where relationships are made. We invite you to take a chance.

For families and groups alike, these are times for fancy parties. Monkey around as much as you like. While you get together on a fancy outfits, why not try out fancy local outfits . Just a thought. It is not necessary that we be a part of your entertainment. Be your won host and have a bonfire in the wild, all by yourself.

Enjoy your Bonfire party with some camfire games or a game of Antakshari, twenty Questions or Dumb Charades.


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